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Institute for Industrial Research & Toxicology

Testing Services

  • Pesticide Testing Services

    Pesticide Testing Services

    Residue like pesticides are regulated by law. Therefore, it is vital to check their presence in food commodities. For this one needs to get the pesticide level checked in different food products. To do the pesticide testing one needs to do the

  • Medical Device Testing Services

    Medical Device Testing Services

     We at IIRT do all the medical device testing, following all the measures and assuring the most appropriate result. The sensitivity of all medical device test is well known to us and therefore, we here assure to follow the instructions and

  • Face Mask Testing Services

    Face Mask Testing Services

    IIRT offers a comprehensive set of tests for surgical face masks and general-use medical masks. These tests are essential to ensuring performance properties  to support marketing label claims and to classify these mask types, additional

  • PPE Kit Testing Services

    PPE Kit Testing Services

     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing wich is provide by IIRT also popularly known as PPE kit testing This test ensures different types of PPE equipment’s which are safe and secure and can protect the wearer. There is a testing

  • Bioburden Testing Services

    Bioburden Testing Services

     There are so many medical devices manufactured and used around the world and they are required medical devices to be sterile, that is they have to be free of viable microorganisms. To make sure that the medical devices are free from

  • Pyrogens Testing Services

    Pyrogens Testing Services

    New genetic technologies are increasingly being used in the clinical testing; the need for this is to ensure the discourse on the ethical use of the products on the offspring. The greatest urgency in reproductive toxicity study is the genetic

  • Stability Testing Services

    Stability Testing Services

     Stability testing is to certify that the how long a medical devices, pharmaceutical product, chemicals product and pesticide products can be stored without any change in its original chemical composition within prescrived limits.

  • Water Testing Services

    Water Testing Services

    With extensive experience, IIRT offers a comprehensive range of accredited water testing services from our modern, well-equipped laboratories. We carry out tests on all types of water from across a broad range of industries including raw,

  • Swab Testing Services

    Swab Testing Services

    Swab test is provided to determine compliance with the requirements given in the individual monograph / specifications.Swab test is the counting of total number of aerobic bacteria, yeasts and molds on any surface.

  • Laboratory Testing Services

    Laboratory Testing Services

     IIRT is a renowned service provider to various industries for microbiological testing. The microbiological test done here assures that the tested product should be the quality product and safe to consume. Our microbiological testing also

  • Toxicity Testing Services

    Toxicity Testing Services

     IIRT (Institute For Industrial Research & Toxicology) is a prominent name in toxicity testing laboratories. We committed towards developing, analysing, innovating toxicity testing for our all global and Local clients.  Our 

  • Biocompatibility Testing Services

    Biocompatibility Testing Services

     IIRT is in India but is a renowned and trusted name for Biocompatibility testing in world wide. Our Biocompatibility testing results are widely acknowledged and trusted. The sensitivity of testing is aware therefore, all the test is

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