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Institute for Industrial Research & Toxicology


Toxicity Studies

  • Abnormal Toxicity Studies
    IIRT has standardized quality control parameters () which included identification, sterility, abnormal toxicity, pyrogen testing, estimation of PRP content by ribose assay/ phosphorus assay, residual moisture content, molecular size determination by HPLC & immunogenicity assay, using seven
  • Acute Toxicity Studies
     We here at Toxicity are trusted name for acute toxicity testing. The acute toxicity testing is normally done by giving a single dose to animals. Our acute toxicity study is widely acknowledged and because of its huge demand we have acute toxicity testing in South Africa also.Acute Toxicity
  • Allergic Toxicity Studies
    We are providing services for Allergic Sensitization Studies. Repeated exposure of a test substance can activate the immunological system that can be activated by prior exposure and the response may be characterized by various external factors like erythema, edema, nasal discharge, tearing etc.
  • Carcinogenicity Toxicity Studies
    Our institute provides the study of the Carcinogenicity and Mutagenicity. The main objective behind the study of carcinogenicity is to find out the effects of the test compounds whenever exposed for a long period of time. The objective behind the study of the mutagenicity is to study the adverse
  • Chronic Toxicity Studies
    Various toxicity tests/toxicity testing can be performed to assess the chronic toxicity of different contaminants. Results after chronic toxicity testing on a product/ organism can be used to determine the guidelines and regulations for protection of organisms.Chronic Toxicity testing of new
  • Ecotoxicology Studies
    A modern, well equipped necropsy laboratory for Ecotoxicology Studies that provides complete bacteriology, histopathology, clinical pathology, parasitology, tissue banking, and customized studies for a wide range of laboratory including Bee toxicity, Fish toxicity, Toxicity to birds. The
  • Invitro Toxicity Studies
    Our scientists and research associates help in conducting Invitro Toxicity Studies. We are one of the renowned and reputed institutes engaged in providing highly reliable research related services. Our toxicity studies are considered crucial in understanding the toxicity level. These researches and
  • Irritation Toxicity Studies
    IRT is renowned for research and toxicology of the Irritation Studies. The Skin Irritation testing is to determine if a material or device with which a patient body would have to contact is irritant or not. We at Toxicity testing conduct the skin irritation testing to measures the reaction to
  • Medical devices testing

    We under take the Biocompatibility testing as per ISO10993 for the medical devices

  • Pharmacological Toxicity Studies
    Our institute is providing the Pharmacological Study Services and that includes the Oxidative stress study, invitro haemolysis test, anti-hypersensitivity and Hypersensitivity activity studies, Immuno- modulatory activity of the compounds, hepatoxic, hepatogenic and Hepatoprotective effects of drug
  • Reproductive Toxicity Studies

    Application : Agriculture, Gardeni..

    Feature : Anti Bacterial

    Form : Dust, Liquid Concent..

    Country of Origin : India

  • Sub Acute Toxicity Studies
    The sub-acute toxicity studies are aimed at finding out the toxic effect of a drug on constant exposure. Sub-acute toxicity studies also gives the valuable information about the delayed effect that might be the result for cumulative effect of chemicals. This study helps in understanding the height
  • Supplementary Toxicity Studies
    Our renowned institute of toxicity study is offering the Supplementary Toxicity Studies. This study includes ICH Guidelines, OECD Guidelines for testing of chemicals, Gaitonde Committee Protocol, Regulations of Central Insecticides Board, Neurotoxicity studies on Egg laying hens, Schedule Y of

Testing Services

  • Bioburden Testing Services
     There are so many medical devices manufactured and used around the world and they are required medical devices to be sterile, that is they have to be free of viable microorganisms. To make sure that the medical devices are free from microorganisms nation and international quality assurance
  • Biocompatibility Testing Services
     IIRT is in India but is a renowned and trusted name for Biocompatibility testing in world wide. Our Biocompatibility testing results are widely acknowledged and trusted. The sensitivity of testing is aware therefore, all the test is performed in the safe and secure environment considering all
  • Face Mask Testing Services

    IIRT offers a comprehensive set of tests for surgical face masks and general-use medical masks. These tests are essential to ensuring performance properties  to support marketing label claims and to classify these mask types, additional tests may be required depending on label claims.

  • Genetic Toxicology Testing Services
    Genetic toxicology studies are conducted for assessing the potential for induction of genetic mutations or chromosomal damage. For all classes of chemicals and drugs the Genetic toxicology testing is required but variations in conducts are possible. This may vary from compound to compound on
  • IS 5405 Sanitary Napkin Pad Testing Services
     Sanitary Napkin Pad Testing as Per IS 5405 and ISO 10993   IIRT undertake the testing of Sanitary napkins which are used by women when they menstruate. Though using Sanitary napkins pain that comes with menstruation they can certainly reduce the inconveniences associated with vaginal discharge.
  • Laboratory Testing Services
     IIRT is a renowned service provider to various industries for microbiological testing. The microbiological test done here assures that the tested product should be the quality product and safe to consume. Our microbiological testing also checks the meeting of the product quality measures as
  • Medical Device Testing Services
     We at IIRT do all the medical device testing, following all the measures and assuring the most appropriate result. The sensitivity of all medical device test is well known to us and therefore, we here assure to follow the instructions and take care of minute details. IIRT is the renowned and
  • Pathology Testing Services
    IIRT has state of the art pathology facility. Our services include:Histopathology Routine and specialized necropsy procedures of different species of animals. Tissue processing and slide preparation. Routine (H&E) and special staining techniques. Microscopic evaluation of slides by Veterinary
  • Pesticide Testing Services
    Residue like pesticides are regulated by law. Therefore, it is vital to check their presence in food commodities. For this one needs to get the pesticide level checked in different food products. To do the pesticide testing one needs to do the product sampling. It is the sampling and testing that
  • Pharmacological Testing Services
     Pharmacological testing square measure used once one needs to judge if a substance or plant extract is biologically active. Pharmacological Testing ways for medicine performing on the Peripheral system. Our Pharmacological testing services enable us to predict biological effects of latest
  • PPE Kit Testing Services
     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing wich is provide by IIRT also popularly known as PPE kit testing This test ensures different types of PPE equipment’s which are safe and secure and can protect the wearer. There is a testing requirement of PPE kit with a specific PPE
  • Pyrogens Testing Services
    New genetic technologies are increasingly being used in the clinical testing; the need for this is to ensure the discourse on the ethical use of the products on the offspring. The greatest urgency in reproductive toxicity study is the genetic testing. The main reason for the increasing demand of
  • Stability Testing Services
     Stability testing is to certify that the how long a medical devices, pharmaceutical product, chemicals product and pesticide products can be stored without any change in its original chemical composition within prescrived limits. The material and products when stored for long durations
  • Swab Testing Services

    Swab test is provided to determine compliance with the requirements given in the individual monograph / specifications.Swab test is the counting of total number of aerobic bacteria, yeasts and molds on any surface.

  • Toxicity Testing Services
     IIRT (Institute For Industrial Research & Toxicology) is a prominent name in toxicity testing laboratories. We committed towards developing, analysing, innovating toxicity testing for our all global and Local clients.  Our  toxicity testing lab has using and  all modern
  • Water Testing Services
    With extensive experience, IIRT offers a comprehensive range of accredited water testing services from our modern, well-equipped laboratories. We carry out tests on all types of water from across a broad range of industries including raw, potable, recreational, process and waste, ensuring that our

Consultancy Services

  • CIB Consultancy Services
     San Biotech Pvt. Ltd. an marketing organisation of the IIRT is providing Complete Crop Protection Consultancy to help the manufacturer and importers/Exports of Pesticides, Bio-Pesticides, fumigants etc in the Matters of Government Nodal Bodies.Registration of Pesticides and Agrochemicals
  • NABL Consultancy Services
     SAN BIOTECH PVT. LIMITED  one of the biggest NABL consulting association with customers in India. San Biotech Pvt. Limited is a marketing body of IIRT-Ghaziabad one of the leading research origented organisation in the field of Chemistry, Micro Biology, Toxicology, Pharmacology and

Other Services

  • Preclinical Services
    Experiments are designed to generate adequate and robust data in exploratory and regulatory areas using both in vitro and in vivo models. Preclinical evaluation studies are conducted in different modules per the sponsor requirements and in accordance with national and international guidelines (ICH
  • Bio Analytical Services
    IIRT provides its customers with high quality analytical data regarding the identity and concentrations of compounds in laboratory animal body fluids and tissues, as well as the concentrations in formulations and test systems. Methods are developed and validated in-house, or are implemented based
  • Quality Assurance Services
    IIRT has established a strong, dedicated Quality Assurance department backed by NABL ISO/IEC 17025 trained professionals. The Quality Assurance department reports directly to CEO of the company.Functions of Quality Assurance Department : Implementation of Quality System Tests and Procedures in
  • Analytical Testing Services
     Analytical testing, is also known as materials testing, is used to describe various techniques for identifying the chemical makeup or characteristics of a particular sample. Various industrial manufacturers like chemist (pharmaceuticals), food, electronics and plastics choose analytical testing
  • Pesticide Analysis Services
    IIRT Applied Radiation Centre (SARC) operates a state of the art Laboratory for the measurement of low level radioactive contamination / residue in a wide range of commodities like food stuff, farm products, water and effluent, dairy products, environmental samples and minerals.Approvals /
  • Lab Animal House Facility
    We have a modernized and large Lab Animal House Facility. This modernized facility helps to conduct the research and the experimental works smoothly. The lab animals that we are maintaining are the Quails, the pigeons, the chicken, the New Zealand rabbits and the Guinea pigs, the Wistar and the

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